Like a way in the wind

From October 9 to January 31, 2021

Like Orpheus, Marc Trabys enchants the eye with his painting, a true musical calligraphy with poetic and colorful sounds. It is a journey, an immersion in the abstraction of his own paradoxical and contrasted reality that the painter offers us in this exhibition.
The words cosmos, earth, sea, landscape, nature, chaos form a singular, lyrical, inimitable pictorial writing, so persuasive it is. A very orchestrated phraseology, sensitive to humanity’s pains and joys conferring to his painting a universal meaning.
The very treatment of the material corresponds to an idea of disorder, instability and even darkness in some paintings, but the creative energy of the painter captures its beauty and treats it with vitality.
His abstract compositions let us glimpse a poetry of colors, aerial, floating, submersive even intoxicating, like a chromatic vertigo without horizon point to fix our vision, a rapture for the glance, an embellishment for the spirit.